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Glendale Group Homes for the Elderly in AZ

There are many options when it comes to group homes in Glendale, but finding the right fit isn’t always the easiest. We at Senior Planning can provide you with a list of background checked places. We are local and have relationships with many of the facilities and therefore can offer insight on whether or not it’s a good fit. If you are not familiar with what a group home is in Glendale, AZ, they are licensed through the state to provide directed care.

Directed care means the facility is licensed to help with ADLs (activities of daily living) such as helping in the shower, making meals/being fed if necessary, incontinence care, helping using the restroom, helping getting dressed, etc. They are generally highly staffed which means they have 2 caregivers for 5-7 residents. Additionally the caregivers are within a small distance (within the house) so if the resident needs assistance they are receiving help nearly instantly rather than in the larger facilities that take 20-45 minutes in some instances.

Another positive fact about Glendale group homes is that they are in nearly every neighborhood. That means you could most likely find a great place within a couple miles. The easiest way to tell if the facility is a good fit is to take a look at several. If you communicate the needs of your loved one and the type of people and caregivers they best get along with, Senior Planning is able to hone down the list to ensure you are only viewing suitable places.

Let us know your desired location and budget and we can let you know which places are a fit. We offer an optional service (no charges to you) where we can pick you up and take you around to view the group homes in Glendale. We also work throughout all of Arizona so if you need options outside of Glendale just let us know.

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