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Senior Planning offers resources to seniors, people with disabilities, and their families in the search for assisted living communities throughout. Senior Planning began offering this service in 2007, and has help many families in their search for the care they need.

Our Process

Senior Planning starts by identifying the care needs of our client. Assisted living facilities in sometimes specialize in certain kinds of care. For example, certain communities specialize in memory care and cater to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Other patients may want to retain more of their independence, are looking for a sense of community and daily activities, and may consider high level of care communities intrusive. Generally, people prefer to be around other residents who are at their same level, a factor that we consider important as well.

Once we have identified your need, we can begin preparing a list of communities for you to review. We can also escort you on tour of the communities, provide background resources, and help you find additional benefits to help pay for your care, such as those available from the Medicaid program or the VA. If you’re just beginning your search, or if you are stuck in the middle, Senior Planning can help.

Finding the Perfect Assisted Living

Senior Planning believes strongly in planning for the long term. We understand that managing the cost of care is a critical factor. Many of our clients are concerned with preserving their estate, wanting to leave something behind for their children. Senior Planning will work with you to find the best fit–a community that you will love at a price you can afford. Our agency prides itself on making sure that the community we choose together is one that your family will be happy with for the long haul.

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