Hospice for Seniors

Hospice Options

Hospice care becomes an option for those seniors that have a prognosis of six months of life or less related to their medical conditions. Hospice care falls under the category of palliative care, which is to say that the focus of hospice care is relieving pain and discomfort, and trying to maximize the quality of life for their patient’s remaining time. Hospice provides medical care, such as pain management to their patients, ensures their comfort, health, and hygiene, and assists with their patients mood and mental health as well. Hospice care deals specifically with patients who are approaching the end of their life and hospice providers have the tools to make sure that their patients have all the resources and tools that they would want to make it through their last, often difficult, final months.

If you are interested to see if you qualify for hospice care, Senior Planning would be happy to go over some of the details with you to see if this is a good option for you. Certain diagnosis criteria allow you to have hospice care covered by Medicare. If you are looking for a hospice provider, we would be happy to match you up with a provider in your area that can provide the care that you need. Our agency worked with many hospices around the valley and throughout the state.

Hospice Care Explained

Hospice care provides for both the physical and mental well being of the patients under its charge. The care that they provide is either provided in the current home of the patient or another facility, such as a nursing home, depending on the patient’s need and care level.

Senior Planning will work with you to get you the hospice care that you need from a local provider, as well as helping you with any new housing arrangement that you would like to make. Hospice for seniors is covered by Medicare Part A with only some exceptions for respite stays at facilities and certain outpatient services.

Hospice Team

Hospice works that you will work with include M.D.’s, Nurses, Social Workers, and spiritual advisors that serve as counselors that look towards the mental well being of the patient.

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