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Free of Charge to Clients

Senior Planning is here to help you. We help seniors in the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona find senior living, caregiving, and other services at no charge. Once we arrange services, we are paid a referral fee by your new provider. This allows our clients to use our services with no commitment and have all of their questions answered.

Get a Perfect Care Solution

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Senior Planning will work within your budget and care needs to find the perfect care solution. Whether you choose in-home care or an assisted living community, we will find the right provider offering quality service at an affordable price. Senior Planning can also assist you in qualifying for state or Veteran benefits.

Choosing Arizona Assisted Living

Senior Planning works with senior care providers, large and small, across the state of Arizona. Whether you are in the Phoenix area or anywhere else in the state of Arizona, we can find you a great option to get the care you need. Our knowledge of Arizona providers means you will not have to go though this difficult process alone.

Having a professional agency on your side also has certain benefits. In many cases, we can negotiate lower rates for senior housing communities, and we always background-check care providers before we recommend any service or community. Even if you think you have a place picked out, it’s worth giving us a call to check the company’s medical compliance history. Our empathetic and professional representatives will assist you in putting together a long term solution.

Senior Planning’s Process

Our agents learn as much as we can about your situation before we begin. Once we know what you need, we work with you and your family to put together a plan of action to make sure that you can receive care that allows you to preserve your health and quality of life.

Options to Consider for Arizona Assisted Living

Decision Making

You’ve likely put some thought into long-term care and may have even thought to contact an agency for help. Whatever stage of the process you are in, Senior Planning can provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decisions about senior care. Whatever your situation or budget, we have the experience to help.


The first question that needs to be answered is the money question. For most fixed income seniors, money is a finite resource that needs to be conserved wisely. Senior Planning will help you get the most out of the resources you have in order to set you up for the long haul. We also help qualify you or your loved one for state benefits if applicable.

Great Advice

Ensuring the continued health and happiness of a loved one is an ongoing process. It requires us all to adapt to new issues that pop up along the way. At Senior Planning, we’ll make sure that you know what to expect and we make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Part of our process is making sure that our clients are well prepared for additional issues down the road.

Finding Care

Senior Planning will help you find care in your area that fits both your needs and budget. If you are considering moving to an assisted living or residential care home to receive care, we provide background checks on all Arizona communities. Choosing a community is a major decision and there is no reason why you or a loved one should go through the process alone.