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Retirement Communities

Begin your Independent Living Search

Senior Planning offers resources to seniors, people with disabilities, and families in the search for long-term care throughout Arizona. Senior Planning has been around since 2007 and has helped many families find the care they need.

Our Process

Senior Planning starts by identifying a person’s care needs. Different long-term care communities specialize in different kinds of care. For example, certain communities specialize in memory care and cater to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Other communities simply offer an age appropriate setting with little to no care. Senior Planning can assist you in finding any level of care.

Once we have identified your need, we can begin preparing a list of communities for you to review. We can also escort you on tour of the communities and try to find additional benefits to pay for care, depending on level of care. The main benefits we assist with are long-term care Medicaid, known as the Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS) program, and the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit. If you’re just beginning your search, or if you are stuck in the middle, Senior Planning can help.

Retirement Communities

In the long-term care field, terms are sometimes used interchangeable and with less than specific detail. The term retirement community usually refers to independent living. Independent living is for seniors who don’t really need care and are looking to retain their independence but are looking for a sense of community with daily activities around people their own age. For those who are not 100% independent, but are not at an assisted living level of care, they can hire in-home caregivers to come in and help when needed.

The types of added services vary from community to community. In addition, some independent living communities also have assisted living floors on the campus. For those who anticipate greater care needs in the future, these can be great communities, since residents won’t have to move when they have a greater need for care.

The Right Independent Living Community for You

If you are looking for some basic care for yourself or a loved one, most independent living communities will be able to accommodate you. They can provide things like medication management, housekeeping, meal preparation, dining room hours, and more. For seniors who just need a bit of help from time to time, independent living has all the amenities that most people are looking for. There are independent living communities all over the Phoenix and Tucson area and statewide in other cities. We can work with you to find a location that works for you, as well as a community that has the activities that you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement Communities

Independent Living vs. a Senior Apartment?

Assisted Living in Arizona

It is important to consider that independent living is different than some communities that bill themselves as “senior apartments.” Independent living communities have many inclusive services that account for the difference in price. If you have made your own comparisons, just keep this fact in mind. Senior Planning will work with you to find the perfect independent living for you.

What does independent living facility provide?

Different amenities assisted living Arizona

Retirement communities offer seniors with convenient amenities such as housekeeping, light medical care, communal dining, and recreation. The independent living level of care offers more safety than simply living on your own at home. The close proximity to others, as well as the frequent check-ins by staff, will allow you to live safely and happily until more care is needed.

What skills are needed for independent living?

Tackling Common Assisted Living Issues

In order to reside in independent living, a senior must be able to perform most, if not all, of their activities of daily living. This means they must be able to provide themselves with basic hygiene, get dressed on their own, manage their living space, ambulate, and eat on their own. If a senior is a fall risk, or needs memory care, independent living would not be right for them. Likewise, if a senior needs supervision for any other ailment or condition, a retirement community would not be safe.

What is the criteria for independent living?

Making Arizona Assisted Living Work with Your Budget

Most communities require that residents are at least 55 years old while some start at 65 years old. Senior must be able to pay for the independent living on their own unless the community is a low-income housing community and can accommodate their budget. Unfortunately, state benefits such as ALTCS do not cover independent living. Also, a senior must be able to live safely on their own or we may recommend that they look into assisted living.