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ALTCS Medical Eligibility Application

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Senior Planning will help any Arizona senior or person with a disability qualify and find care under the ALTCS program. We can help ALTCS clients who have applied for the program find care while they are waiting for their benefits to be approved by the state.

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Senior Planning offers free assistance in finding and organizing care for our clients. We provide many services Pro Bono to seniors who need assistance in finding care. We’ll find you a care solution that will keep you healthy and happy for the long haul. We also offer more robust services for benefits assistance at extremely affordable rates.

What is ALTCS?

For those seniors whose disabilities and health conditions prevent them from living at home, ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) is a program designed to pay for the expense of your care. ALTCS eligibility is determined by a financial assessment as well as a functional and medical assessment. If you’re not sure about your status, we’d be happy to go over the application process with you to see if you qualify.

Senior Planning is committed to helping our patients who qualify for ALTCS benefits. We will guide you through the application process and we can even find you a place to live while you are still waiting for your benefits to kick in. It is our job to make this difficult, time consuming process quick and painless for you.

ALTCS Application

ALTCS applications can take 45 to 60 days to process. Senior Planning can get you the care that you need in the meantime. Our reputation with providers and communities allows us to get you the care that you need while your application is still pending.

Our agents will help you fill out the ALTCS application and can make recommendations before you apply to make sure that you qualify for the program. We ensure that you will get qualified for state help to afford the care that you need. We have years of experience dealing with this bureaucratic process and that experience gives us the ability to make sure it goes well for you. Call our office or request information on our site to let us know more about your situation and how we can help you.

ALTCS Program Information

Decision Making

Making the decision to apply to ALTCS

ALTCS performs a functional and medical assessment on all applicants. This application is scored on a 60 point scale. Points are awarded based on certain medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or an applicant’s inability to perform activities of daily living; which include transferring from a seated or laying down position, meal preparation, eating, walking, using the bathroom, and basic hygiene maintenance.


Senior Planning can help get your finances in order for ALTCS

In addition to the functional/medical assessment, ALTCS will take account of your personal finances. For single individuals, ALTCS benefits are not an option for individuals who have more than $2000 in liquid assets, such as an IRA or checking account. Married couples can have more assets because of the living expenses of the spouse. Our ALTCS packet goes over the basics to help protect your other assets.

Expert Advice

ALTCS can be complicated, but we're here to help

Getting qualified for ALTCS is the first step to finding the senior care that you need. After eligibility is granted, you still have options for care that you need to choose from. If approved, the ALTCS program will pay for assisted living or a residential care home. If needed, ALTCS can pay for skilled nursing care. Sometimes, ALTCS can pay for in-home care depending on the circumstances. We help find care providers.

Finding Care

Using ALTCS for long-term care

Senior Planning will help you find an ALTCS approved care provider that will meet your needs. You can then choose from the three insurance providers who administrate ALTCS benefits. Once everything is settled, you can begin receiving the care you need. Our job is to make sure that you receive the care you need from a trustworthy and reliable provider. There are many ALTCS homes and facilities to choose from.