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Providing Long Term Care to Pet Owners

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We know how important your furry loved one is to you. They provide comfort, companionship, stability, and most importantly, a sense of home. This is why finding pet friendly senior living is so important to pet owners. It’s one of the main reasons people would rather stay at home than get the care they need – they don’t want to leave their pets behind. We understand. There is good news, however, because in many cases, it may be possible to bring your pet with you to your new home. Just let one of our agents know you have a pet. We will specifically tailor our long term care search to only look for communities that allow pets.

Our Placement Services are Free

If you are looking for any level of care and you want to move with your pet, we can help you. There is no charge if you use Senior Planning to find assisted living, caregivers, residential care homes, or any other type of care. We are paid commission if you decide to use the long term care services we recommend, but our placement services will be at no cost to you.

Finding Pet Friendly Senior Communities in Arizona

Senior Planning provides resources to Arizona seniors looking for long-term care. Senior Planning can also provide information regarding benefit applications, including ALTCS or VA Aid and Attendance. No matter what level of care, we can help. We can help find pet friendly assisted living, pet friendly nursing homes, and even memory care communities. We also work with seniors that are more independent to help find pet friendly independent living.

How do I Know What level of Care I Need?

If you are looking for pet friendly assisted living in Arizona, the first step is to identify the needs of the individual who needs care. After we have established a person’s care level, we work with them to find the best fit. We understand that not everybody is mobile and able to meet us at our office. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment for an assessment at a location of your choosing. We can even ask questions over the phone. After the assessment, Senior Planning can provide you with a list of pet friendly assisted living and pet friendly memory care communities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Friendly Senior Living

Are Communities Licensed?

Two people at a long term care facility

All communities, pet friendly or not, are licensed by the Department of Health. We are more than happy to get a record for you from the state with the inspection and violations the care community has. In Arizona, there is no official rating other than surveys and violations through the DHS records. If you have a long term care community in mind, give us a call and we can look them up.

Is there a list?

A small dog at pet friendly assisted living

We understand that some people prefer to search on their own. No problem. If you would rather search on your own without the help of one of our agents, we are more than happy to provide you a list of pet friendly communities throughout the state. This is an invaluable resource because unless you have been in this business as long as us, there is really no way to find a comprehensive list.

Where are the Communities?

a dog in the street at a pet friendly group home

There are communities across the state. Let us know which city you are looking for pet friendly senior assisted living in, and we can take it from there. If you have specific preferences to layout, amenities, or anything else, simply let us know and we can tailor the list. If the request is urgent, it is best to call our office directly to speak with one of our agents who will more quickly assist you.

What Benefits are Available?

pet friendly Arizona assisted living

Depending on medical need and income level, there may be benefits available. In Arizona, there is a benefit called the Arizona Long Term Care System, or ALTCS for short. If eligible, ALTCS will pay for a person’s long term care expenses in a community or through in-home care. Let us know your budgetary restrictions and we can advise on whether or not ALTCS might work.