Legal Documents & Estate Planning

Am I Prepared?

It is all too common for people from all walks of life to find themselves making snap decisions in times of crisis. These quick, stressful decisions can be avoided with the proper planning, but unfortunately, many people don’t even think about the necessary preparations for their final years until it is too late.

Senior Planning can assist you in preparing all or many of the legal documents that you need for both your final years and for the effective management of your estate. From basic wills and power of attorney documents, to more specific documents, such as Miller Trusts, or Income Only Trusts, Senior Planning can make these necessary decisions easy and affordable for your family. For us, confirming that our clients’ estate issues are taken care of is just as important as finding appropriate senior care. We offer free advice consultation so don’t hesitate to call.

Making Elder Care Easier for You

Having your Power of Attorney and other documents in place in advance will prepare you for any future situation that might come up. Creating a living will, as well as a last will and testament, lets you make your final decisions well in advance and spares your loved ones impossible decisions.

These documents can also help your loved ones in the event that they need to help you qualify for benefits, or in the event that you need their help to make decisions about your care. Senior Planning can help you get squared away with most all of the documents that you will need for the future.

Help is Here

Senior Planning is a certified legal document-preparing firm with the Supreme Court of Arizona. This means that although we are not a law firm, we can still assist you in the preparation of legal documents, such as POAs and wills. Give us a call today to find out more or to schedule a time to meet. Each situation is unique, but rest assured, our experts will be able to help.