Estate Planning

Do I Need to Talk to an Estate Planner?

We think it is worthwhile for Arizona seniors and their families to talk to an elder law attorney or Arizona estate planner in a variety of circumstances. An expert can assist you in estate and medical planning. For clients with Alzheimer’s or dementia, having a power of attorney in place can save a lot of headache in trying to manage finances and care. Having a will can also make the disbursement of your estate orderly, and your loved ones can skip the frustrating process of probate court.

For us, confirming that our clients’ estate issues are taken care of is just as important as finding appropriate senior care. We can provide some basic services for you, or we can refer you to an attorney for more complex issues. We offer free advice consultation and we can work on estate planning while we work towards finding senior care for you or your loved one.

Making Elder Care Easier on You

An elder law attorney or estate planner can do a number of things for you. In addition to the things we normally associate with elder law, such as wills, powers of attorney, and trusts; these professionals can also help you in unexpected ways. People who need to qualify for long term care assistance from the state, but are over the monthly income limit for ALTCS can have their excess income diverted into what is known as a Miller Trust. We recommend this course of action to a number of clients who are over the income limit to qualify, but could still use the help.