Finding Senior Living Communities in Arizona

Finding the Right Senior Living

Senior Planning specializes in community placement and living assistance for seniors. If you are looking for senior living communities or senior care, Senior Planning can help. Everyone’s timing is different, but oftentimes our clients come to us after a medical emergency, a hospitalization, or a fall. Regardless of the situation, we can help.

If you’ve found yourself searching for “senior living near me” then you probably realize just how many elderly living options are out there. It can be overwhelming. This is where Senior Planning aims to help. We strongly believe in creating a plan for the long term so your loved one does not have to move again once they are settled.
As with anything, cost is a critical factor. Many of our clients are concerned with preserving their estates and wanting to leave something behind for their children. Senior Planning will work with you to find the best fit; a community that you will love at a price you can afford. Our agency prides itself on making sure that the community we choose together is one that your family will be happy with for the long haul.

Searching for Senior Living Facilities for Medical Reasons

Unfortunately, sometimes after a hospitalization, going home is not an option. In other circumstances, Alzheimer’s or dementia may have reached a stage where living at home without a fulltime caregiver is unrealistic. As can be imagined, seniors are usually pretty reluctant to move. Although people try to age at home as long as possible, some seniors eventually reach the point where they cannot safely continue and it’s a conversation that must take place.

When a crisis necessitates immediate action, we find that many families have not prepared themselves financially for the cost of long term care. That’s where Senior Planning can help. We can locate care at nearly any budget and if we cannot, a Senior Planning agent can go over options with you, including state programs to help pay for care at a senior care facility. We also help you find the correct level of care so that your loved one can be comfortable for months and years to come. We help find all types of senior living homes, including independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, memory care, residential care homes, and group homes. Senior Planning will guide you through the process, set up tours at homes with openings, make arrangements in advance of your hospital discharge date, and keep everything within your budget.


Elective Search for Senior Living Communities Near You

Sometimes there is no sudden change and Arizona seniors want to move into a senior living community just to make things easier. Whether you are looking for independent or assisted living, Senior Planning will make sure to find a great community. Seniors from all over the country move to Arizona to retire so luckily, there are a lot of great options to choose from. Senior Planning will work with your budget, desires, and requirements to find the senior living community in Arizona that fits you or your loved one best.

Senior Planning performs background checks on all of the communities we recommend in the state of Arizona. This allows us to provide our clients with all the information they need to make an informed choice. By doing the background check for you, you can have peace-of-mind that any care received from the community will be up to Health Department standards, and you can make a decision knowing your loved one is receiving the best care possible.

Our Process

A Senior Planning agent will be able to provide you with a list of care options that will work for you. Key factors include your care needs and the budget that you will work with. Senior Planning will also work with you to determine whether you will qualify for any supplemental benefits from either the state or federal government to help pay for care. Once we can identify your needs, we begin finding good options for you in your area, whether it is Gilbert, Sun City, Phoenix, or any other town in Arizona. A Senior Planning agent will accompany you on tour of communities that you choose, although you may tour alone if you prefer.

Different Types of Communities

While basic care is available from almost all providers, many senior living communities in Arizona specialize in the following care options as well:

Directed Care

Most people searching for care are searching for ADL (Activities of Daily Living) care. Activities of daily living include: personal hygiene maintenance, meal preparation, toileting, dressing, ambulating, and any other daily function that is necessary to live safely and independently. Some seniors find it difficult to complete ADLs on their own because of physical or mental disability and this is where caregivers can assist. The most affordable form of directed care comes from residential care homes, sometimes called group homes. Out of pocket pricing typically starts around $1500/month, though some premium branded facilities charge more.

Memory Care

Memory care homes and facilities specialize in the care of residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Certain accommodations need to be made to care for people with these diseases, particularly when they are in more advanced stages. A common symptom of memory disease is patient wandering, something that memory care homes account for with certain kinds of locking mechanisms and closer supervision. Caregivers also have experience working with seniors who might not necessarily be as forthcoming or able to report discomfort or other medical issues.

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Certain senior living communities specialize in the care of traumatic brain injury. TBI patients may have little or no physical impairment, but as a result of TBI, still require care. TBI patients have unique issues that require specialized care and Senior Planning can help find care for TBI patients of any age.