Kinds of Care

Finding the Right Senior Care Services

There a wide variety of senior care options to choose from. We get two kinds of clients at Senior Planning looking for senior care services. The first has just begun their search, chose us as their first stop and are surprised at how many options they have. The other discovers us halfway through their process, often unable to choose what they need. It’s unfortunate that many care providers will want to take you or your loved one on even if the care that they are providing is not entirely appropriate for their needs.


Senior Planning Assurance

Senior Planning can help you make sense of all the different options that you have and help you make a decision based on the facts at hand. With time and information, we can find the best option for you. We also take the second word in our company name seriously. We don’t just try to make things better immediately. We want to ensure that any care that we can arrange for you is a long term solution that will preserve the health and happiness of you or your loved one for a long time to come.

Senior Care Service Types

There are a great number of options to choose from. Care options include assisted living, in-home care, and skilled nursing. Choosing the right type of care is one of first steps in the process. Once you have chosen a care and service type, finding the right care will be a lot easier for you and for us. Of course the process will be far from done, as there are still options to choose from within the basic categories, but you’ll start to see options you like once we work together to get the basic senior service parameters out of the way.

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Assisted Living
Residential Care
Independent Senior Living
Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
In Home Senior Care