Long Term Care Options

The Benefits of In-Home Care

In-home care is an option that a lot of seniors take advantage of. While there are some drawbacks, there are some definite advantages as well. The best thing about in-home care is obvious. Patients are happy to remain in the home and get the care that they need. Caregiving agencies send out an certified caregiver, the same license that employees at an assisted living community or residential care home would have. They can look after the patient’s health and hygiene, as well as provide transportation to seniors who don’t have the ability to drive. For those patients that require medication management, in-home care agencies can have a nurse supervise the administering of prescriptions.

The Drawbacks of In-Home Care

In-home care is not without it’s drawbacks, and it’s not the best option for many seniors. In-home care agencies don’t provide 24 hour care. They generally work on a schedule, and often can’t accommodate emergencies on a day to day basis. Some agencies don’t offer service on the weekend. For patients that have needs that are at all sporadic, Senior Planning typically doesn’t recommend in-home care, since it can become a frustrating experience for the patient. In-home care can also become quite expensive. In many cases, patients that need extensive care can run up bills for thousands of dollars per month. This makes this an unaffordable option for many families.

What A Caregiver Can Do For Me

Caregivers can provide a variety of services. It’s important to understand the difference between medical and non-medical caregivers.   If you don’t need medication management or help with medical equipment, a non-medical caregiver may be an option since it could potentially be much less costly. If you need help around the house, cleaning, transportation to and from appointments, and help running errands, getting groceries, and other tasks, non-medical caregiving might be a good option. If you need help finding a caregiver in your area, we would be happy to arrange for one for you. For seniors who wish to receive medical care in their home, there are agencies that provide that services. For the most part, medical care is provided by agencies rather than individuals because of the need for licensed medical professionals to supervise the care. We can also contact an agency that works in your area that can work with your needs and schedule.

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