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Senior Planning brings years of experience to your search for assisted living. We are a trusted and bountiful resource for those families who have questions that they need answered and need recommendations about which facilities can provide high quality long term care.

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Senior Planning is reimbursed by the community that you choose, in a similar fashion to a real estate agent. This means that our placement service will never cost you a penny.

Choices for Apache Junction Assisted Living

Aging seniors sometimes reach a point where they find it harder and harder to complete their activities of daily living while maintaining their quality of life and independence. For those that need some help, assisted living is a good option. Providing a variety of different care levels, including memory care for those with either Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, assisted living is a choice that you may want to consider looking into. Senior Planning can assist you in your search, working to compile a budget, determining the care you need, and making sure that you receive the most competitive pricing on the care you receive from Apache Junction communities.

Help with State and Federal Benefits

Senior Planning also knows that many seniors who need care may not have the financial means to afford the full cost of the care that they need. Those seniors may want to start applying for the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) which provides benefits for fixed income seniors that covers the cost of care in a contracted facility. For wartime veterans and their spouses, the V.A. Aid and Attendance program can also be helpful in providing supplementary income directly to families, allowing them to choose their care provider.
Senior Planning can assist you with either of these programs as part of our service at no charge. We can also make sure that the community you choose will accept ALTCS if you choose to go that route.

Senior Planning Reference Materials

This page is for current and potential Apache Junction Arizona residents who are interested in requesting resources concerning assisted living in their area.

Senior Planning Assessment

If you are considering finding assisted living in Apache Junction Arizona for yourself or a loved one, you will likely want to complete an assessment of your care needs before you begin your search. Having a defined care plan can save you time in the long run since you will be able to determine which communities are right for you. Assessments are provided in your home, at our office, or even over the phone. Assessments include basic information regarding the type of care that you or your loved one requires, as well as questions about your budget and your interest in assistance programs from the state.

Assisted Living Background Check

Senior Planning provides background information to our clients regarding any assisted living facilities in the Apache Junction Arizona area. Like all our services, these background checks are provided free of charge to clients that are working with us to try and find assisted living communities. Senior Planning can provide you with reports from the Arizona Department of Health regarding the quality of care at any Apache Junction assisted living community, as well as any information that we have gathered from former clients regarding that community.

Apache Junction Community List

Finding comprehensive lists of assisted living communities can be difficult because of the business model of various listing agencies and other factors. Senior Planning can provide you with a list of of applicable homes that fit your care level and budget requirements in any area of the state. There are many choices for assisted living in Apache Junction. Senior Planning can help you choose the right community, as well as escort you on tours of any communities you like. Follow the link below to request a list or call our office for more pressing needs.