Assisted Living in Glendale Arizona

Guidance to Care and Benefits

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Senior Planning understands that finding the right fit for senior care can be a tricky business. Since 2007, we have offered our clients comprehensive guidance with no pressure. When it comes to familiarity with eldercare options, service levels, and providers of senior care throughout the state of Arizona, no one can beat us. Senior Planning will help you find the best fit for assisted living in Glendale.

No Charge for Service

Senior Planning provides community referrals and care provider referrals at no charge. We are also happy to accompany you on tour of any communities you may be interested in. All of our community finding services are free. Once you pick a community or provider, Senior Planning is paid a standard commission by the company that you choose, meaning that there will be no cost to you for the service that we have provided.

Our Process

Senior Planning provides all of the services that you will need to find assisted living in Glendale. Our team will work with you to determine a reasonable budget for current and future care needs. Senior Planning will also send an agent on tour with you to communities to ensure that you get all of the information you need before making any decisions. If you do not believe you will be able to afford the care you need, don’t worry. We can use our experience to help you apply for state or federal benefits.

State and Federal Benefits

Many fixed income seniors simply cannot afford the care they want. Senior Planning understands that since getting the right care is essential, receiving benefits are often a part of the process. Senior Planning provides assistance to seniors and their families with both the ALTCS program and V.A. Aid and Attendance, along with other programs if you need them. We also make sure that you are able to choose the right administrator for ALTCS.

Resources for Assisted Living in Glendale

Senior Planning provides aid to seniors and disabled individuals looking for assisted living in Glendale, Arizona. You can call our office or request information below.

Assisted Living Assessment

Assisted living is a term that is used for a number of different kinds of communities throughout the state of Arizona. The ambiguity of the term can make finding the most appropriate community difficult. To specifically determine what communities may be right for you, we can conduct an assessment of your needs and budget by phone or in person. Once an assessment is completed, Senior Planning’s agents can advise you on local communities that will be a good fit for you or your loved one, or you will know what questions to ask if you prefer to search on your own.

Background Checks

Many people who contact us about assisted living in Glendale already have one or two communities picked out, usually recommended by family and friends. If you already have a community in mind, we are happy to provide you with background information regarding that community. Senior Planning can send you information on facility inspections from the Arizona Department of Health, as well as reviews we have from past residents of that community. Send a request below.

Community Listings

Senior Planning can provide you with a list of communities in your area along with their contact information. We will make sure that the list is tailored to your care level as well as the budget that you or your loved one can afford. These lists are prepared with an emphasis on long term solutions in mind. There is nothing worse than spending too much money and putting yourself or your family member in a worse financial situation. You can request a list below or by phone for urgent requests.