Assisted Living in Surprise

Senior Planning Resources

Senior Planning provides resources to many families every year, aiding them in their search for assisted living throughout Arizona. If you need help with your search, please select an option below:

Assisted Living Assessments

Just send us a request and we’ll provide you with an assessment of you or your loved one’s care needs. An assessment is crucial because not every assisted living community provides the same level of care. After an assessment we can begin targeting those Peoria Arizona assisted living communities that would be the best option for you. Senior Planning has an experienced staff well versed in all the local options. We can help you find the optimal combination of care and affordability, leading to long term satisfaction with your family’s assisted living choice. We conduct assessments by phone, in person at your home, our office, or another location of your choice.

Peoria Community Information

If you already have a community in mind, Senior Planning can provide you with background information that you can use to make a final decision on whether or not the community you have chosen is the right one for you. Our background checks include the summary of all Arizona Department of Health inspections as well as any information from our agency’s experience working with that specific community. Please have the community name and address available for background check submissions.

Peoria Assisted Living List

Senior Planning can provide you with a list of communities in the Peoria area that have current or upcoming availability. We only include homes that might be good fits for you or your loved one. We can help you wittle down your options to a few good choices that your family can afford. We can also help you find communities that accept state assistance programs such as ALTCS. We prepare each list on a case by case basis, so please allow us 24 hours to send a response to you. You can also request a list by phone, which we recommend for more urgent requests.