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Senior Planning provides all the services and expertise that you need to find the perfect assisted living community in Phoenix, Arizona for yourself or a loved one. Since 2007, Senior Planning has operated as a trusted community resource to assist with difficult elder care planning decisions.

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Senior Planning is paid on commission from the services that we arrange for you. We do not charge our clients for the services that we provide. We represent our clients, always advocating on your behalf in regard to both care and pricing.

Finding Phoenix Assisted Living

Seniors who find themselves having difficulty living home alone may want to consider assisted living in Phoenix as a good option. Senior Planning provides a full array of services, such as community background checks, pricing information, and facility identification and touring. We also assist seniors looking for help with VA benefits and aid through the ALTCS program for those who qualify.

State & Federal Benefits for Phoenix Assisted Living

Senior Planning provides assistance to people looking at the two major providers of Phoenix assisted living supplemental benefits. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs provides the Aid and Attendance benefit, which can be used to help pay the cost of assisted living in Phoenix for seniors. This benefit is available to those who have served during wartime as well as those veteran’s spouses.

We also provide guidance for Arizona seniors who are considering the ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) program for assisted living in Phoenix for seniors and disabled. This is a Medicaid program that helps fixed income seniors get the care that they need when it is out of their price range. We can provide information and assess whether or not someone is likely to qualify for the ALTCS benefit.

Senior Planning Resources

If you need to request resources from Senior Planning to help with your search for assisted living in Phoenix, you’re in the right place. Choose from the options below.

Request an Assessment

If you are considering Phoenix assisted living, it may be helpful to have specifications in mind regarding the type of care that you or your loved one require. Senior Planning will be happy to work with you to identify your needs and find the assisted living in Phoenix that works best for you. We can conduct the evaluation in person, either in our office or another location such as your home, or by phone. Senior Planning can then provide you with a list of applicable communities that should work for you. You can request an assessment below.

Community Background Checks

If you have a Phoenix community in mind, you should make sure you are familiar with the background information on that community before you make your final decision. Senior Planning is happy to provide you with information regarding a senior community or communities that you are considering. We will include Arizona Department of Health reports on the community as well as any information we have from previous clients who have lived in the Phoenix assisted living facility you are considering. We’ve worked with nearly every Phoenix community and are happy to provide you with all available information. You can request the background information below through the following link.

Request a List of Communities

Many people find it daunting to try to sort through several hundred large and small assisted living communities in the Phoenix metro area. If you are looking for resources, Senior Planning can prepare a list of applicable communities in your area that fit your budget. Our recommendations only include senior living communities that have current openings, ensuring that you won’t spend time working with a community only to find out that they have a waiting list. We can also help you find Phoenix assisted living communities that work with certain assistance programs, such as ALTCS. You can request a list of assisted living communities in Phoenix through the following link.