Scottsdale Arizona Assisted Living

Scottsdale Community Information

This page allows users to request resource support from Senior Planning for their assisted living search in Scottsdale AZ. You may choose from the options below.


Senior Planning is happy to conduct an assessment by phone or in person with you regarding your current or future need for Scottsdale Arizona assisted living. Many of our clients have limited mobility and we are happy to travel to you for an assessment. Senior Planning will work with you and your family to determine your care needs and budget. Having an assessment will allow you to focus on Scottsdale assisted living facilities that meet your needs when you begin your search. You can request an assessment by calling our office or through the link below.

Community Information

Senior Planning can provide you with relevant information regarding a community or communities that you are considering. It’s important to consider the compliance record of a community before you make a commitment. The Arizona Department of Health keeps records of any care violations they uncover while inspecting assisted living homes in Scottsdale. Senior Planning can provide you with those records as well as any other information that we have gained from working with the community in the past on behalf of our clients.

Scottsdale Assisted Living List

If you need a list of Scottsdale assisted living homes in your price range and care level, Senior Planning can help. Senior Planning will provide you a list of the homes in your area that fit your needs. Our agents can also work on your behalf, setting up tours of the communities and escorting your on those tours if you would like. You can request more information through the link below. We prepare each list for you individually, so please allow 24 hours for us to process your request. For those in urgent need, please contact us by phone.