Assisted Living in Surprise

Resources for Surprise

This page allows prospective residents of assisted living communities in Surprise, Arizona to request any information they need in order to come to a decision.

Assisted Living Assessment

Trust us when we tell you that an assisted living search is much easier when you have a concrete idea of what your needs and budget are. Many people think all assisted living communities provide the same level of care, but that is simply not the case. Senior Planning can help you by providing an assessment of your care needs and help you find the community that is right for you. We can conduct your assessment over the phone or in person, either at your residence or our office. Once the assessment is complete, it will be easier for you to find what you need, even if you would like to pursue the search on your own.

Community Background Check

If you have one or two communities that you are considering, it may be worthwhile to consider investigating the background of the community to ensure that what you have seen matches up with the care you will receive. The Arizona Department of Health keeps records of all their inspections of assisted living in Surprise. We can provide you with these reports as well as information that our agency has from our years of experience in the field. Senior Planning has worked with residents at many of the Surprise communities in the past. To request information about a specific community follow the link below.

Surprise Assisted Living List

Senior Planning can provide you with a list of communities that might make a good fit for you. This option is primarily for those searchers that want to work on their own, without the help of an agency, and at their own pace. Senior Planning provides you with a curated list of options that are in your area, fit your care needs, budget, and any other personal or lifestyle concerns that you would like to accommodate. Each list is prepared individually. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond. If you have a pressing need, please call our office rather than submitting the form below.