Tucson Arizona Assisted Living Resources

Assisted Living Resources

Senior Planning provides resources to Tucson area individuals and families who are searching for assisted living. You can contact us by phone or choose one of the options below.


Senior Planning can conduct an assessment, either in person or by phone, of your or a loved one’s care needs to help find the best possible community. Once we factor in certain personal preferences and budget, we can direct you to communities in your area that fit your profile. Many people randomly meet with marketing agents and go for the nearest community, hoping it’s a good match. In our opinion, this is not the best way to find a long-lasting care solution. To request an assessment, click the button below and submit a filled out form on the following page.

Assisted Living Background Info

If you already have a community or two in mind, Senior Planning can provide you with additional information before you make your final decision. Assisted living communities in Tucson are monitored and evaluated by the Arizona Department of Health to ensure compliance with care regulations. We can provide you with background information on the communities you are considering as well as any information Senior Planning has from past residents of the community. We have extensive experience in Tucson and have placed residents at many locations.

Community List

If you are considering checking out some Tucson assisted living facilities, Senior Planning can provide you with local listings for communities in your area that we think might work for you. After answering a few questions we can provide you with a list of communities. A Senior Planning agent can also contact communities on your behalf to set up meetings and escort you on tour of the communities if you would like. We prepare community lists on a case by case basis, so please allow at least one work day for a response. Follow the link below to submit a request.