ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care)

ALTCS Approved Group Homes

How do I find ALTCS approved group homes?

We can provide you with a detailed list of ALTCS approved group homes in any Arizona city for free, making sure they meet the quality standards dictated by the state. In order to check a group home’s standards, we perform background checks and pull their information to ensure they don’t have major violations or issues. Why not let us do the research for you?

Are there a lot of ALTCS approved group homes?

There are quite a few, but not every group home accepts ALTCS. In some of the smaller Arizona cities your options may be limited. However, as you look at the larger cities, you will find plenty of group homes. We know sometimes people don’t want to move too far away, but it helps to be open to all options.

How do I pick the right ALTCS approved group home?

Picking the right ALTCS approved group home can be a difficult task but we are here to help. Whether you want feedback on a home you have already chosen or are looking simply to get a list, Senior Planning offers these services at no cost. After you have a list that meets your criteria, the next step is visiting the communities. By viewing them in person, you will generally get a better understanding of which ones are good fits and which ones are not. Even if you are not interested in a group home, but another type of facility, it is still worth it to give us a call. We can explain which state benefits may be available and at which type of home. For example, some people are not eligible for ALTCS, but are eligible for veteran’s benefits. There may be options you are unaware of; we know how complicated the long term care process can be.

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