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Traumatic Brain Injury Group Homes In Phoenix

Finding the right traumatic brain injury group home in Phoenix can be a difficult task. Since there aren’t too many, a lot of homes have lower standards of quality. There are, however, many gems out there that not only have clean state records, but provide great care and have been working with our clients for years. In order to find these homes, we first go through the entire list of Phoenix group homes and separate out the traumatic brain injury group homes in Phoenix.

Once we narrow the list down, we then perform background checks and try to find out how long they have been providing TBI care to patients and if they have any violations. The violation ridden group homes are stripped from the list and we are left with what appears, at least on paper, as quality group homes. This is when our experience comes to bat. One of our agents then goes through the homes, making surprise visits. In this manner we can remove the homes that don’t meet our quality standards. In order to maintain these standards, we periodically check the traumatic brain injury group homes in Phoenix. We eliminate the work for you and offer only the best homes to tour. 

When it comes to price, our agents are very skilled at negotiating and additionally, we help you apply for state aid. Oftentimes, state aid covers the entire placement and we make sure the facility you are moving into accepts state insurance, rather than only being a private pay facility. When it comes to traumatic brain injury group homes in Phoenix, the search doesn’t have to be stressful and we can help you through the process.

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