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Senior Planning is a Phoenix based long term care advisory service that assists seniors, disabled individuals, and their families. Since our founding in 2007, Senior Planning has provided clients with the resources and information they need to make the right decision about Phoenix group homes and other long term care situations.

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We help Arizona seniors find the group homes that they need at prices they can afford at no cost to them, whether or not they are paying privately or using state and/or federal benefits. We are paid commission by care providers for the services we arrange for you.

Phoenix Residential Care

Residential Care Homes in Phoenix, Arizona, are licensed through the Arizona State Department of Health using the same standards as larger facilities. Though this term is not often used, they are technically referred to as assisted living homes for the purpose of licensure. These homes have several advantages over larger facilities. Smaller staff taking care of less patients can lead to more rewarding and responsive relationships between patients and caregivers.

Federal & Arizona Benefits for Group Homes

Senior Planning understands that finding the care that you need is only half the battle. The other major factor is paying for the care that you or your loved one receives, which can be a frustrating and confusing process. Senior Planning can offer assistance to seniors and their families using our placement services for ALTCS, the Arizona Medicaid Program, or V.A. Aid and Attendance, a federal program that can offer Veterans and their spouses assistance with long term care expenses. These programs can make long term care affordable to families and allow them to avoid compromising the quality of care they are receiving.

Phoenix Group Home Resources

If you need additional resources to assist you in the search for Phoenix group homes, Senior Planning can help you find what you need.

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Senior Planning employs experienced long term care agents who can assist you in finding the perfect long term care solution. The first step in any long term care process is to make sure that we fully understand your care needs. Senior Planning can schedule a meeting or a call with you or your loved one. A quick assessment allows us to make sure that we have a full and complete understanding of your care needs and your desires for how and where you would like to receive long term care. Senior Planning will then be able to provide you with information regarding available care solutions in your area.


Community Background Checks

Many people have found one or two communities they are interested in, often recommended by friends, family, or a medical professional. Senior Planning can provide background information on communities that you are looking at, which you can use to reinforce or reconsider you decision. In addition to Department of Health survey results and a list of violations, we can also provide information about our previous clients’ experience at many valley communities. Furthermore, we are experienced in helping seniors and their families negotiate prices on their Phoenix group home of choice, regardless of whether or not we helped find it.

Request a List of Phoenix Communities

For those who prefer to search on their own, Senior Planning can provide a list of communities that fit your budget that have openings. We understand that some people would prefer to work at their own pace or at least less closely with an agent. While we understand that some families would prefer to take care of the search privately and on their own, we would still recommend searching with the aid of our resources to make sure that you are looking at the best options in your area. We also provide assistance with questions that you may have during your search.