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Finding Care in Scottsdale

Since 2007, Senior Planning has helped people all over the valley find senior care from diverse providers. Many seniors have found great residential care options working with us. Senior Planning can help you or your loved one find great, affordable group home communities in Scottsdale or elsewhere in the valley and throughout the state.

Free Services

The help you receive from Senior Planning, both in finding senior and the work we do with you regarding care benefits, never costs a thing. We are paid a service fee from the provider that you choose, meaning that our services are free to you. Senior Planning always advocates our clients in regards to care and pricing.

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Scottsdale Residential Care Options

Residential care homes, also called group homes, are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health, and are officially designated as assisted living homes. Almost all providers are licensed to provide directed care, the highest level license according to the state. These communities have between five and ten residents and provide for a more private and personal experience than larger facilities. Some also specialize in caring for those with specific conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other memory issues. Others offer care for those who primarily speak a language other than English.

Assistance and Benefits

Finding care is only part of what we do at Senior Planning. Part of our mission is making sure that your care is financially sustainable for the long haul. This means that we work with you to find supplemental benefits when the care you need is out of your price range. Two of the major programs that we help people with are the ALTCS program, which is provided by the state of Arizona, and the VA Aid and Attendance program, which provides supplemental cash benefits to wartime veterans and their spouses. We are delighted to assist our clients with either application.

Additional Resources

Scottsdale Group Home Information

Whether you or your loved one needs care right now or you’re planning ahead, we can help. If you are not ready to pursue senior care, or are reluctant to contact an agency like ours, we can still help. Senior Planning can offer you the following resources.

Assessment for Care

Many people come to the understanding that they need care, but are unsure at what level and what kind of provider they should consider. Senior Planning is more than happy to provide a free assessment of your needs either in person or over the phone. Having an assessment of your needs will allow you to hone in on those providers that make sense for you, either with our assistance or without. You will also be able to learn if there are any benefits that you should consider applying for. Senior Planning provides this service free of charge. Follow the link below and complete the form as completely as possible. List a preferred contact method in the comments.


Community Background

Many people know a community or two, through a friend or sometimes a medical provider. While we understand the value of personal endorsements, non-specialists may not have all the relevant information about each community. Senior Planning will provide you with Arizona DHS results on a community as well as any information we have on file from our past dealings with the community. You can use this information either to confirm your choice, or reconsider in favor of a provider that might be a more reliable option. Please enter the community you’d like to receive information about through the link below.

Scottsdale Group Home List

For people who wish to conduct an independent search without professional assistance, Senior Planning offers community lists. Give us as much information as you can and we can put together a list of communities that will be good matches for you. We still want to help even if you don’t really want to work with an agency, or if you are working with a social worker or other professional. Provide as much detail as you can through the link below so we can make the best recommendations possible. Please allow us at least one business day to compile the list for you as each list is tailored to the individual requester.