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Many Yuma, Arizona, seniors and their families find assistance and care either through a residential care home or from a caregiving service at home. For those that cannot remain at home, even with supplemental care, residential care homes can present a good alternative to maintain health and quality of life. Senior Planning, a local Arizona agency since 2007, can help you find the right options and ensure that the care you receive is affordable for you.

Free Services

Senior Planning provides our care finding services free to our clients. We are paid a fee from care providers that we arrange on your behalf, so there is no cost to you. Senior Planning acts as your advocate with regard to care level and pricing. We make sure that the offers you are receiving are fair and we’re always looking towards the future, making sure you are well situated so you can afford the care you need for the long haul.

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Yuma Group Home Options

Group homes, or residential care homes, are licensed through the Arizona Department of Health through the same mechanism as larger assisted living facilities. They are officially called assisted living care homes. While almost all homes provide directed care, the highest level awarded by the state, many specialize in specific chronic conditions. Some homes specifically cater to those patients with memory issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Others work exclusively with traumatic brain injury patients. Many residential care home also focus on Spanish speaking clients.

Financial Assistance

Long term care is expensive. We at Senior Planning understand that fixed income seniors may not have the financial means to afford the prices that long term care providers charge. Fortunately, Senior Planning can assist you in finding benefits to make sure that you can receive the care you need. The majority of our clients use one of two major programs. The first and most common is ALTCS, a program provided through Arizona Medicaid, while the other is VA Aid and Attendance, a program for veterans and their spouses. Both provide a supplemental cash benefit to people receiving care.

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For those that may not be ready to work directly with an agent, Senior Planning can provide supplemental resources to help you work through your options.

Request an Assessment

Many people may realize that either they or a loved one is in need of some kind of help. However, they may not have a good idea about what type of care they actually need. Senior Planning can provide an assessment either in person or over the phone, to give you a better idea about what care level would be appropriate for you. This in turn will allow you to approach the search for care with a definitive idea of what kind of provider you need. To request an assessment, please follow the link below and complete the form as much as you can. A Senior Planning agent will contact you within one business day.


Community Background Check

Many people searching for senior care already have a community in mind. At Senior Planning, we are happy to provide any information that we have on a specific community. Our background check includes the Arizona Department of Health Survey results as well as any past client reviews we have of that Yuma community. Using this information, you can either feel reassured in your choice or revisit your process and open yourself up to more options. To request a community background check, please enter as much information as you can through the form below. We will respond as soon as possible. We may need to contact you for more information.

Yuma Community List

For those who prefer to search on their own without the assistance of an agent, Senior Planning can provide you a community list of applicable residential care homes. While we would be able to help you more if you allowed us to make an over-the-phone assessment, we understand that some people prefer to keep their own council. If you would like a list, please follow the link below and fill out the form as completely as you can. Please allow us at least one business day for a response. Each list is custom made so it takes a little bit of time to compile. We will try to provide a list of applicable Yuma group homes only.