Finding A Caregiver in Arizona

Home Care Services

Some Arizona Seniors who need help, but don’t need 24-hour-care, may choose to have a caregiver come into their home. In-home care services are not a good option for all seniors, but depending on the situation, could be all a senior needs.

Basically, we recommend in-home care for two types of clients. The first is those who have little-to-no chronic medical needs. If taking care of the home has become burdensome, but a person wishes to remain living there, in-home care is a good option. This can also be a good compromise for families who are trying to persuade a loved one to move into an assisted living community, but are facing resistance. The other circumstance where we recommend in-home care is if the senior or their family has significant income or funds. We have found that the cost of getting in-home care, even for those with long term care insurance, is very high. In-home care giving can be expensive, but some Arizona seniors who are able to afford it are willing to pay the higher price to enjoy the comforts of home. We would be happy to have one of our agents go over the potential costs with you if this is an option that you are considering.

Caregivers either work independently or through an agency. Senior Planning can help you find a care agency or an independent caregiver working in your area. We’ll make sure they can work within your budget, needs, and schedule. If you are interested in in-home care, we can go over the options with you and see if it is the right fit for your needs.