Do I qualify for care in an Arizona nursing home?

Arizona Nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), offer skilled nursing care, long-term care and rehabilitative services. In regards to rehab and some instances of skilled nursing, Medicare covers the cost of such a place. However, for those that are frail and could benefit from long term care in an Arizona skilled nursing home facility, ALTCS in general is the way to go. After a person gets better or is no longer making progress, insurance and Medicare no longer cover the cost of skilled nursing. ALTCS will pay for it throughout the duration of a patient’s life.

What is the difference between a group home and skilled nursing in AZ?

Many times people looking for skilled nursing are surprised that assisted living communities and group homes are able to offer adequate care. The majority of Arizona group homes are able to provide directed care which means they can help with toileting and incontinence, bathing, getting dressed, feeding and making meals, transferring from the bed to a wheel chair, or just help getting out of the chair to a walker, memory issues and many other ailments. What they are not able to help with is major sores; although home health in Phoenix and other areas around Arizona, are now able to accommodate wound patients.

How do I pick the right nursing home in Arizona?

Picking the right nursing home doesn’t have to be hard. Senior Planning has worked in the valley for nearly 10 years helping families choose care options. Whether you are looking for an Arizona skilled nursing facility, a group home, memory care, assisted living or simply in home care, we can help.

About the author: Jacob Edward

Jacob Edward is the founder of Senior Planning and an expert in eldercare.