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Finding Arizona Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes are a great option for seniors and people whose disabilities prevent them from living at home without assistance on a daily or semi-daily basis. Residential care homes are tightly knit communities with a small number of residents and caregivers, leading to a family atmosphere for the residents. Since 2007, Senior Planning has assisted many Arizona seniors with finding great care providers all over the state.

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Senior Planning will help you search for residential care providers at no charge. Our company is paid a service fee when we arrange care for you, which means that you never have to worry about paying us for our time.

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Arizona Residential Care Home Options

Arizona has many great residential care options all over the state. Care facilities house between five and ten residents, supported by a small staff of licensed caregivers. Residential care homes are licensed by the state Department of Health. Officially, according to Arizona’s licensing procedures, they are called assisted living care homes. Some residential care homes specialize in the care of certain types of clients. These specialties range from memory care for Alzheimer’s disease to homes that specialize in TBI patients. Other homes cater to patients who speak a language other than English.

State and Federal Benefits

If you think you may not be able to afford the care you need, the state of Arizona provides benefits to fixed income seniors through the ALTCS program. This is a Medicaid program for those that cannot afford long term care on their own and have the medical need to qualify. If you are a veteran, there is the VA provided Aid and Attendance benefit for veterans and their spouses. This is another supplemental cash benefit outside of ALTCS. Senior Planning can assist you with either of these programs when we are helping you to find care.

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Residential Care Resources

Senior Planning Residential Care Resources

Senior Planning can provide additional resources to people who wish to search for residential care homes in the state of Arizona

Care Assessment

Many people know they need long term care, but are unclear where they should go to receive the care that they need. Knowing where to start can be difficult. Senior Planning can help you hone in on the providers that make sense for you and your situation. We can, either in person or over the phone, provide you with an assessment and our agency’s judgement as to what types of care would be the right option for you. Fill out the form below as completely as possible. Please leave a preferred contact method in the comments section. A Senior Planning agent will contact you to conduct the assessment or to set up a meeting time.

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Community Background Check

Many people who are considering a residential care option have often heard the names of one or two communities from a friend or relative. While recommendations can be a good indicator of whether or not a community is right, sometimes professional guidance is still advisable. Senior Planning can provide you with in-depth information about the community or communities in question. We provide DHS survey results as well as any experience that our organization has had with that specific community. You can use the information we give you to solidify your choice or to rethink your options. Click the link below to submit information and request a free background check.

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Arizona Care Home List

For those who prefer to search for residential care homes on their own, without our assistance, Senior Planning can still provide you with a list of care homes in your area. If you prefer not to do an assessment, please include as much information as possible about the needs and health conditions that are of concerns. We will do our best to find communities in your area that fit your needs and budget. Please allow us at least one business day to compile the list of residential care homes. If you feel that the list is not sufficient, please feel free to contact us any time after we send the list and we can assist you more completely. Follow the link below.

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