Arizona Memory Care

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Making the Smart Choice

Senior Planning has provided assistance to seniors in search of memory care since 2007. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to identify your needs and make the best recommendations for you. For seniors who have cognitive conditions and are having trouble maintaining the quality of life they would like, Senior Planning is the ideal place for you to begin your search

Our Memory Care Services

We are paid commission on the care that we arrange for you, allowing us to assist you at no charge with finding memory care communities. Despite the fact that our clients do not pay us, we always provide a range of options and are very mindful of your financial situation. Also, we take pride in advocating on behalf of our clients. As a Senior Planning client, our number one priority is to get you the necessary care.

Arizona Memory Care and Alzheimer’s Communities

Whether you are looking in Phoenix, Tucson, or any other part of our great state, Senior Planning can find memory care options for you. Since we have been in this business for so long, Senior Planning has made connections with and gathered information on hundreds of Arizona providers, both in the memory care arena and beyond.

Supplemental State Benefits

Another major advantage to calling Senior Planning is that we have extensive knowledge of state and federal benefits. Many families with seniors on fixed incomes think that care is out of their reach, but we are well equipped to help all those that are eligible. Whether you are seeking aid from the Medicaid program here in Arizona, or a Federal program such as those run by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Senior Planning can help you pick the right options and get everything in order for application submission.

Find Arizona Memory Care

For independent searchers who prefer to work on their own for now, Senior Planning can provide the resources listed below.

Assessment Request for an Arizona Memory care Community

If you are looking for a memory care facility in Arizona, the first step is to identify the needs of the individual. We will work with family members to find the best fit. We understand that not everybody is mobile and able to meet us at our office. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment for an assessment at a location of your choosing. After the assessment, Senior Planning can provide you with a list of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory care communities.

Background Information

If you have an Arizona Memory Care or Alzheimer’s community in mind, we are more than happy to obtain background information for you. Background information includes DHS inspection reports. This is the first step to determining the quality of care provided by each community. Since we have clients at so many homes, we can give you an honest review of real-life resident experiences. Request background information from us through the link below and fill in as much of the form as you can. The more information you provide, the quicker we can help.

Communities List