ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care)

ALTCS Plans: What your ALTCS plan choices are and what you need to know.

People applying for the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) often have questions about which of the ALTCS plan providers they should go with. Benefits are paid by the state and federal government, but they are managed by three different benefit managers, United Healthcare, Banner University, and Mercy Care. We often get questions about which plan is best.

Rest assured, the ALTCS benefit works the same way on all three ALTCS plans. The primary thing that you should be concerned about is the network.

For example, if you are looking to move into a group home and use your ALTCS benefit to pay the cost of care, you will have to find out which provider the home contracts with. This is the same for assisted living facilities. The home or facility may be registered with one, two, all, or none of the providers.

You need to make sure that you choose the same ALTCS plan that is accepted by the home you wish to receive care from. Some of the plans also have geographic restrictions that you should be aware of. Ultimately though, your primary concern should be that you are on the ALTCS plan that covers all the services at the home of your choice.

We generally recommend that people should find the home first, check which provider they use, and then apply to ALTCS. This way, your provider matches the care home and your choices are not limited by the provider you have chosen.

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