Care Options for ALTCS Recipients

It’s important for Arizona seniors to remember that applying for ALTCS is only the first step in getting senior care from the state of Arizona. Senior Planning will help you work through the different types of senior care options available for ALTCS recipients. After you qualify for ALTCS, your task then becomes finding ALTCS accepting assisted living communities or ALTCS accepting residential care homes. Or you may decide to use your ALTCS funds to try to find an in home caregiver. Regardless, this could be a long, complex, and drawn out process as you wait for the dominos to fall, one by one.

Sometimes the nicest thing that Senior Planning can do for our clients is to find care for them while they wait for ALTCS benefits. Not having to wait for the care you need is extraordinarily important. Senior Planning can essentially expedite your ALTCS claim by finding you the care you need before the claim goes through. The care giver will then be reimbursed retroactively once the benefits are approved.

Senior Planning is proud to provide care to our customers while they wait for ALTCS. Great care is essential to preserving health, and Senior Planning’s job is to make sure you get what you need while you wait for the state to step up.

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