Some people in Arizona are looking for the Arizona Long Term Care System, but this page is going to discuss long term care insurance in Arizona. Long term care insurance is an insurance policy you can take out in order to pay for long term care such as assisted living, skilled nursing, or group homes. Many people aren’t aware of what their Arizona long term care insurance policies cover. We at Senior Planning are able to help you at no charge. Whether you or your loved one is ready for assisted living, you simply want us to review your policy, or you are interested in purchasing a policy and have initial questions, we are here to help. Many times people think they are purchasing the right coverage but realize too late that the coverage is too narrow.

Long Term Care Insurance Can Be Tricky

Long term care insurance policies in Arizona can be tricky, but once the policy is understood, it is very easy to utilize the policy. Long term care insurance can be great if you want to protect assets, but each policy has different regulations. Sometimes they require a nurse on staff, a minimum number of residents, or a minimum of payment from the resident needing assistance. Request information because we are more than happy to help!

About the author: Jacob Edward

Jacob Edward is the founder of Senior Planning and an expert in eldercare.