Assisted Living Placement in Phoenix

There are many options for assisted living placement in Phoenix and many different types of living that fall under the assisted living umbrella in Phoenix. The types of living we are going to discuss that concern Phoenix assisted living placement are independent living communities, assisted living communities, residential care homes, skilled nursing, and memory units. There are major difference between the types of living that many people aren’t familiar with. When people say assisted living they are either thinking of places with 24 hour care that are large facilities or the small Phoenix residential care homes (also known as group homes).

The type of living most people aren’t familiar with in Phoenix is independent living. Independent living in many instances offers the amenities necessary to ease the burden for an elderly individual. The amenities that are included are the basics such as rent, utilities, cable, but can also include meals, transportation, activities, and housekeeping. Additionally, small services such as medication management can be added on.

The difference between choosing an assisted living placement in Phoenix vs. an independent living placement in Phoenix, is that assisted living communities typically have 24 hour staffed medical workers. For many people’s situations, 24 hour staffed medical workers are not needed and this is why many families choose independent living over assisted living.

The next option available is memory care, which specializes in working with people that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. In general people choose memory care for individuals that are wandering. Some communities offer different tiers which include memory care as one of the tiers. Memory care units are typically locked in order to the secure the patients.

The most economically and many times most desirable community is a residential care home. Many residential care homes (also known as group home placements) will work with the social security money an individual is bringing in. In Phoenix, residential care homes/group homes are able to offer 24/7 care and can often accommodate individuals that wander and/or are bed bound. There are many different communities and some are for people that just need a lot of care but are mentally with it. Ask a Senior Planning agent to help and we can guide you to the proper Phoenix assisted living and/or other community placement.

We help with Phoenix assisted living placements as well as placement throughout the entire state of Arizona. Our organization is based in downtown Phoenix and we can either meet at our office or come to you at a place of your choice.

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