Assisted Living Options in the Valley Area

If you are an Arizona senior looking for Scottsdale assisted living options, Peoria assisted living, Mesa assisted living, or anywhere else in the valley, there are some things to consider before beginning your search. Assisted Living can be very expensive, but there are more options than you think to help make this more affordable for you and your family.

If you or your loved one is a combat veteran then you should apply for VA benefits as soon as possible. Some Phoenix assisted living communities offer bridge loans to help clients while they wait for VA benefits to kick in. The VA application process generally takes about nine months, but most people who are considering applying for the VA can’t wait that long to begin receiving care. This bridge loan allows you to move in right away and begin receiving the care that you need.

Maybe you’re not a veteran, but many Phoenix Assisted living communities accept the ALTCS program. Arizona Long Term Care System is a program for elderly and disabled individuals who need care. The program is funded as part of Arizona Medicaid. There are certain medical and financial restrictions that apply and the application process does take some time, but ALTCS allows medically needy seniors who cannot afford assisted living to receive the care that they need from local area providers.

Certain communities also have home purchase programs. A community will purchase the home that you currently live in and in exchange, will give you care for the rest of your life. This is not an option for everyone, but in certain situations, it might be a good thing to consider. At Senior Planning, all of our services are free, so give us a call if you are interested in one or more of these options. We’re happy to provide more information about assisted living options in the valley area.

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