Background Checking Assisted Living Communities in Arizona

When you or a loved one considers making a move to an assisted living community in Goodyear, Mesa, Peoria, Tucson or anywhere throughout Arizona, it is important that you know what kind of care you are going to be getting. While most of the care providers in the state are earnest people who really do want to provide the best care to everyone who comes through their door, there are some providers for whom this is not the case. Doing thoughtful research on the communities that you are considering is a must in order to ensure a successful placement.

Assisted living communities and residential care homes in Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa and throughout the state of Arizona. are all regulated by state authorities in the states that they are in. In Arizona, the Health Department does inspections of all these facilities, ensuring that their care and records are in good order. Records of these inspections can be found on the department web site. You should also keep in mind that some communities also engage in dishonest practices to try and escape the shadow of bad quality reports. Some communities have even dissolved their business entity and created a new one with a new name at the same location. If you are looking into a residential care home, make sure that their was not previously another home at the same address. We at Senior Planning have only encountered this issue a couple of times, but we wanted to make any self searchers aware of this issue in case it comes up.

You can also check the Arizona Corp Commission to make sure that the owner or manager that you interacted with has been honest with you about how long the community has been in business. Ensuring that members of ownership or management are answering your questions about their community truthfully is an important thing if you are considering giving them care of a member of your family.

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