San Tan Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care

Finding assisted living and/or memory care in San Tan Valley can be difficult. For someone new to assisted living, it is harder yet to assess the quality of a facility while making sure the home is a good fit for care level, budget, and location. Although there are only a couple of assisted living and memory care facilities directly in San Tan Valley, there are quite a few options in the surrounding cities of Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Sun Lakes.

Background Check

Now depending upon which, if any of the above cities you are willing to look at, a background check on the facility should be your next step. Since our services are completely free you shouldn’t hesitate to call us. It helps to use an agency because not only do we make sure the facility is up to par with government standards, we also hold them accountable to our standards at Senior Planning. Of course all facilities have violations from time to time, but it is the major violations we are concerned about.

A city parking violation or even a minor fire code violation might be alright whereas a medication management violation, allegation of abuse, etc…are definitely not alright. The facility may seem nice on the outside, but without doing a thorough background check on the actual facility, it is difficult to determine if the facility is a true candidate for our clients.


This brings us to the next point; what is your budget and would you like to qualify for ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care) benefits? If you are going to be paying privately, ALTCS is not a concern for San Tan Valley assisted living and memory care facilities but if you are trying to get Arizona Medicaid (ALTCS) to pay for the facility, then we must make sure the facility accepts ALTCS. This further limits the list and it helps to be open-minded to other cities like Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Sun Lakes for assisted living and memory care facilities rather than just in San Tan Valley. If you are not paying privately and need to qualify for ALTCS before receiving care, be aware that it can take up to a 60 day period. During this time you will be in a phase called ALTCS pending and although you’re waiting, we still need to find a facility that meets your requirements. We have contracts with some facilities who are willing to take ALTCS pending patients. It is important to find a middle ground between the price of the facility and the amenities they offer. Additionally, if 24 hour care is necessary, facilities like residential care homes might be worth taking a look at.


Now, although we may have discussed this, you need to make a choice based on which facilities fit your budget, have the amenities you prefer, can provide the required care, and have availability. Senior Planning is a complimentary service that can walk you through the steps needed to find a great facility. We’ll also help you get qualified for all the government aid necessary. Request information below and we can send you an information packet to get you started with your search, regardless of which city you reside in. It is better to have your options in front of you and plan ahead even if you don’t need care this minute. If a crisis strikes, it is much more difficult to hurriedly put everything together. Whether or not you need placement immediately, within the week, or within several months to years, we are here to answer questions and to get you started on the right path.

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