What does Senior Planning do?

Senior Planning is an Arizona based organization that offers social services to seniors and their families. When a senior needs to make the transition into assisted living, a nursing home, skilled nursing, or any other type of senior living, the process can be extremely overwhelming for families. We’re here to help and work with people of all backgrounds and all income levels.

We also work with younger individuals that require care. We have experts at Senior Planning that can help with applying for government aid and once eligible, find a suitable living arrangement depending on the situation. Whether you are looking to apply to ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care), for veterans benefits, or are looking for affordable senior care/healthcare/independent living, we can help.

All of the communities we work with are state certified and have passed several background checks. Additionally, the agents at Senior Planning routinely visit the facilities to make sure they are the right options for our clients. There are a lot of details that go into finding the perfect solution. First of all, we have to make sure the clients are a good fit for the facility. Each facility has a different atmosphere depending upon the personalities of staff and residents.

After we have this information about the clients backgrounds and preferences, we then make sure the facility can accommodate the client’s level of care. Again, even though they may say on their website they can, it is not always this way. Additionally, as a person’s condition progresses, they may gradually need more care and not all facilities are able to accommodate an increase in care. All of these requirements must go into making a selection.

There are several different levels of care offered in Arizona. These levels of care include residential care homes, assisted living facilities, supervisory care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, memory care facilities, and a few more. We can do a quick over-the-phone assessment to determine which category of living is right for you.

Once we have the correct category, one of our agents will visit you and present you with the opportunities available. We are able to take you on tours and provide additional guidance at no cost to you.

Don’t be afraid to call in whether you make 10,000/month or 600/month, we can definitely help you find a great fit. There are plenty of options and since we have been in the field since 2007, we have great negotiation leverage to help bring down the cost of care for you or your loved ones.

Give us a call to find out what you are eligible for; you may even be surprised at all the options available.

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