Paying for Assisted Living in Arizona

Assisted living in Arizona isn’t cheap, but out of all of the long term care options, assisted living is one the less expensive ones. There are different types of assisted living including residential care homes (also known as group homes), supervisory care, and skilled nursing. In a supervisory care center, the least amount of care is needed. Often only medication monitoring and meals are necessary.

Light housekeeping is also sometimes included. Another name for this would be senior independent living. Residential care homes (group homes), provide 24 hour assistance. When paying for assisted living in Arizona privately and cost is of a concern, the residential care homes provide the most care for the least amount of money.

They are licensed to provide 24 hour care and the caregivers are usually more accessible than in other types of assisted living facilities. Skilled nursing is the most expensive and usually starts around 180 a day. Residential care homes and assisted living facilities are less expensive than skilled nursing while still providing 24 hour care.

If you need skilled nursing (i.e. you have an I.V. or anything else that requires a skilled nurse), the skilled nursing facility is usually covered by insurance. However, if you are paying privately and just need it for the care level, they can be quite expensive. At Senior Planning, we are able to assist you in making the right decision. Additionally, we can help you with paying for assisted living in Arizona. There are many government programs that provide funding, such as ALTCS.

At-home-care is usually the most expensive option, costing $7,000.00-15,000.00 for full time at-home-care and for this reason, is not considered by most families. Once you are qualified for ALTCS, they will take care of all of your assisted living facility needs. If you are in the beginning stages of starting an application, we can provide you with facilities that fit your budget. Oftentimes residential care homes are willing to work with you when you are applying for the government to pay for assisted living in Arizona.

For all of the above reasons, families tend to move towards the residential care facilities. If the patient is in a facility with too little care this can be a problem (i.e. supervisory care when they need help transferring or bathing, etc.). If they have too much care provided, the worst-case scenario is that they have to move down a care level. Give us a call and we can provide a free assessment and get you started on all your ALTCS applications at no cost.

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