ALTCS Information, Packets and Pamphlets

Due to increased traffic and positive response, Senior Planning is adding a new website to support our home page in regards to ALTCS information:

If you need help or guidance regarding obtaining information on the Arizona Long Term Care Program, would like an ALTCS packet or ALTCS pamphlet, then we can help. Senior Planning provides materials, as well as over the phone and in-person support. We hope that ALTCS will be a valuable resource for seniors and their families in need of ALTCS information.

Just for your reference, it takes around 60 days to be approved for ALTCS after you fill out your ALTCS application packet. During the 60 days, we can help you explore solutions so you can be ready at the time of approval. Of course, nothing about the services that we provide through our main site, is changing.

We are simply supplementing our existing presence with a new site that will allow people in need of help to more easily find us online, as well as identifying our site as one of the best resources for prospective ALTCS applicants or for people in the process of filling out their ALTCS application packet. Feel free to call to request and ALTCS packet or ALTCS pamphlet.

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