What Exactly is the Phoenix SAIL Program?

Applying to the Phoenix SAIL Program

In Maricopa County, the Senior Adult Independent Living (SAIL) program provides services to adults who are 60 or older and to physically disabled adults of any age. The program provides care within the house. The purpose of the program is to assist people with activities of daily living, thus allowing them to remain home longer. Beyond the SAIL program there are other options that promote aging in place, but it is definitely a good place to start.

Another program which provides care in the house, paid for by Medicaid, is called ALTCS. Both of these programs are designed to assist those in need with getting care in the house. If you are looking for a program that also helps pay for assisted living, then ALTCS is the program to apply for. You can start in the home with ALTCS and transfer over to a senior living community. With the Phoenix SAIL program, benefits are only provided in the home. Some benefits the SAIL program covers are: case management, delivery of meals, home nursing, personal care, and adult day care. Call us today for a free evaluation and we’ll help you apply.

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