Residential Care Homes Explained

One of the first decisions that needs to be made in regards to finding senior care for a loved one is what kind of community to look at. Oftentimes, our clients are less familiar with residential care homes than with other kinds of communities. One of our roles is to help our clients become familiar with care options they may not have considered on their own. Senior Planning knows that there are a number of great residential care communities located all over the state.

Residential care homes have some very significant advantages over other facilities. 24/7 care is available at residential care homes. While caregivers are present at any assisted living community, the smaller size and fewer patients that are at residential care homes mean that caregivers can get to patients right away. For patients that sometimes need help transferring out of bed to go to the bathroom, residential care homes can get to residents a lot faster than those working at other types of communities. Residential care homes are perfect for those who need help every one to two hours or throughout the night because residential care homes boast response times that can’t be matched.

On the other end of things, residential care homes provide a homelike environment that is as little like a hospital as possible. Residents can enjoy a much more homelike experience while still having the intensive care that will be to their long term benefit. While residential care homes are not the first things that most people think of when they start the process, they can be, for many, the best option. Having high quality, immediate care in a homelike setting is what most searchers are looking for. Residential care provides this type of care.

Residential care homes can also be extremely affordable and sometimes have staff specialties for certain languages. For our Spanish speaking clients, residential care homes can be great, because the caregivers speak their preferred and most comfortable language. Assisted living homes in Phoenix for Spanish speakers can be hard to find, but such facilities are not uncommon among residential care homes.

All in all, residential care homes are the most flexible option in the field and definitely something to consider. For anyone whose care needs are somewhat outside the box, residential care is usually the best option.

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