ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care)

ALTCS in Tucson Arizona

If you or a loved one lives in Tucson and needs long term care, you may be considering an application for the ALTCS program. ALTCS is for people who have difficulty paying for long term care. ALTCS is the state of Arizona’s Medicaid program, and it will pay for your long term care needs if your loved one qualifies medically and financially.

If your loved one is in need of long term care, you may want to apply for ALTCS at the Tucson ALTCS office. The first component of the ALTCS application is the medical qualification. To qualify for ALTCS, you must have at least 60 points on their needs scale. Points are scored on the evaluation for medical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, as well as difficulty with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing and meal preparation. If you meet the medical qualification, ALTCS will also ask for your financial records. ALTCS is a program for those who cannot afford care for themselves. Therefore, they will only begin paying if savings have dropped to below $5000 for an individual.

The next step after applying for ALTCS in Tucson is finding a care provider. Most ALTCS patients should look into assisted living and residential care. Residents in these communities have access to caregivers who are available around the clock. Many residents see improvement and stabilization in their health once they are under the care of professionals. Contacting a professional placement agency, such as Senior Planning, can sometimes allow patients to move into communities before benefits kick in. This can be a huge advantage to those who find themselves in sudden need of full time care without savings to pay for it. Contact Senior Planning for more information. All of our services are free to you!

For help with the financial disclosure, you may want to consult with a lawyer. It may be possible to protect certain assets such as the family home, depending on who is living there. The rules of the ALTCS program are somewhat confusing with regards to non-cash property, so it is worth investigating your options before applying for ALTCS in Tucson. Additionally, if you are looking for at home care in the Tucson area, we can help with that. Depending upon what your needs are and the degree of need there are many different options available.

All in all, its best to consult with experts and plan your application to make sure that you get the best possible outcome for your loved one and your family. Contact Senior Planning for more information about the ALTCS program in Tucson or around the state of Arizona.

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