Speeding up the ALTCS application

Speeding up the ALTCS Application

The ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care) application can be very overwhelming, both in complexity and the amount of time it takes for the application to be either approved or denied. One of the more common questions we receive from clients is how to speed up the ALTCS application. This simplest answer is making sure everything is organized for the different parts of the application. If ALTCS has to wait on you for information, your application processing time will be extended further. Also, if they receive incomplete information, especially in the financial areas, this could prolong and possibly disqualify the applicant from receiving ALTCS benefits.

Can Senior Planning help with my ALTCS Application?

Because of the unique nature of each application and the many complications that can pop up, it is extremely important to have a professional organization like Senior Planning help with the application. We have been helping people with their applications for years and have an extremely high success rate. We never charge our clients for an initial consultation and generally, we can tell you pretty quickly whether or not it is worth applying. We look at each case on a case-by-case basis to make sure we are giving appropriate advice. 

What can I do while we wait for an ALTCS Approval?

Senior Planning is a placement agency as well as a licensed document preparer, which means we not only assist with the ALTCS application, but can help you find care while you are pending approval. We will help find care that you can private pay for until the ALTCS benefit kicks in. This way, you or your loved one will not have to move once you are approved. Oftentimes, if an approval is imminent, we can secure reduced cost care, allowing us to work with most budgets.

How long does the ALTCS Application take?

The ALTCS application can take 60-90 days if everything is submitted correctly and on time. In certain cases, it may be quicker. The application time usually depends on that state’s current caseload as well as a person’s financial picture. If someone is on Social Security Disability, you can expect an extremely fast application. If, however, someone has plenty of assets or an income is too high, the appropriate spenddown must take place or a trust must be created. This can increase the overall application time.

During the application period, ALTCS will ask you to pick an insurance plan, will check your financial background, and also perform a medical evaluation. The more documentation about the applicant’s conditions, the better the outcome is. There are many factors and certain diagnoses that are beneficial to have on record. An applicant must be approved both medically and financially before they can receive benefits.

Pros and Cons of Getting Assistance with the ALTCS Application

The only real con of getting assistance with your ALTCS application is the cost associated with the service. Many people apply to ALTCS using a lawyer, which as you can imagine, is extremely cost prohibitive. Lawyers can cost anywhere from $6,000-$10,000 for an ALTCS application. Obviously, people applying to ALTCS are in need of financial assistance or they would not be applying to ALTCS. This is why Senior Planning offers a much more cost-friendly, but equally as robust, application service. Although we cannot offer legal advice, we are licensed legal document preparers. In terms of ALTCS, there are many instances when you do not need legal advice and a legal document preparer will suffice, providing an affordable solution. Please give us a call at 800-531-5118 and we will help you figure out your options at no cost to you. If we can’t assist, we will let you know immediately and can even recommend an attorney if that is the only way forward.

Beyond cost, the biggest negative of applying on your own is the amount of mistakes that can be made. Although the application sounds straight forward, it requires an immense amount of paperwork and know-how. For those who have never done it before, the failure rate is extremely high. Many people fail and give up, never receiving benefits. For those who do push on, either by re-applying or by appealing their denial, expect the application to take six months to a year rather than the initial 60-90 days it should have taken.

The pros of using a professional service like Senior Planning are obvious. We will assist with both the medical and financial portion of the application. This means we will gather all requisite medical records, which will save you hours of work calling doctors, hospitals, and caregivers. We will also organize the applicant’s finances so that they are eligible before we begin the application. If you start the application and a person is over assets, they will be denied and you have to wait another 30 days to apply. This is a delay many people cannot afford. We will also send detailed requests for exactly what information we need, taking the guesswork out of the application. Otherwise, ALTCS could look up to 60 months back and has the right to request all of the financial records in that time period.

Start your ALTCS Application Today

Although it may feel overwhelming or like the application takes too long, most people we talk to wish they would’ve started the application many months before they actually start it. Don’t let this happen to you– start planning now. Give us a call today or request information through our contact form and we guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

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