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Why You May Need a Legal Document Preparer

Many people assume elder law attorneys are the only option when it comes time to create legal documents or begin planning their estate. There is a less costly choice, however, in the form of a legal document preparer. Legal document preparers are often overlooked because people are simply unfamiliar with the duties they can perform. Senior Planning is certified with the Arizona Supreme Court as a legal document preparer and we can help with any of the following:

Long-Term Care Planning:

The staggering price of long-term care can leave even the most judicious person unprepared. Senior Planning can help. Senior Planning’s legal document preparing team will help you apply for state or federal benefits if applicable, set up qualified income trusts, and create guardianship in case a loved one can no longer make decisions on their own. We can also create guardianship avoidance if that is not something you want.

Each state has unique Medicaid rules and Senior Planning is extremely familiar with Arizona’s ALTCS rules. We’ll be able to help you decide whether or not you are eligible for certain benefits and what you need to do to become eligible.

Long-term care planning also means Senior Planning can help you find different types of care and determine which type is most appropriate. We’ll maximize your private resources and possibly secure public resources to finance the necessary care.

Creation of a Living Will:

A living will guarantees your medical wishes will be followed if you are in an incapacitated state. For example, if you are ever put on life support, a living will can dictate whether or not you would like to be taken off or remain on life support. This is extremely beneficial because it places no burden on your loved ones to make that difficult decision for you.

Writing a Last Will and Testament:

A will is one of the most important documents you can have for your estate. The last will and testament dictates how you want your possessions disbursed and to whom. Without a will, your family will not only be left wondering what your final wishes were, but they may also have to go through the formal probate process, which can be extremely costly, stressful, and time consuming. As a legal document preparer, Senior Planning can help draft your will at an affordable price.

Planning For a Well Spouse (Community Spouse)

Even if you are not the person who is in need of long-term care, a legal document preparer can still help you. We can help with asset protection to ensure the community spouse does not become impoverished as a result of long-term care costs.

Creation of a Durable Power of Attorney (POA)

A durable power of attorney is slightly different than a general POA. A durable power of attorney allows a principal to appoint an agent. Generally, the principal is someone like your elderly parent and the agent is an adult child or another trusted loved one. Durable power of attorneys are used for either financial management or healthcare management. It’s generally a good idea to prepare a durable POA long before a crisis necessitates the creation of one. For ALTCS specifically, durable POAs are extremely helpful during the application process.

No matter your situation, it is never too early to plan ahead. Planning ahead for medical or long-term care issues can relieve stress during what is going to be an already confusing time for family members. It’s hard to imagine the eventuality of your medical decline or death, but if your affairs are disorganized, it could become a financial nightmare. If nothing else, Senior Planning should be consulted for estate matters to ensure your family is taken care of even after you’re gone.

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