NextAlert Medical Alert Systems

Are you looking for medical alert systems? There is a new site that offers the NextAlert which are no fee medical alert systems. Simply press the emergency button to be connected to an operator just like the ones you pay a monthly fee for. We recommend NextAlert for people that need medical alert systems that don’t want to pay monthly fees. Prime Medical Alert is a company that offers monitored systems. The difference is that one has an operator who can call through emergency contacts, and keeps the health information on file while the other is more self service where you press a button and are connected directly to 911.

Which Medical Alert System is Right for me?

Are you or your loved one able to communicate with the emergency operators? This is key for a non-monitored medical alert system but not so important with one that is monitored. If your loved one is very hard of hearing (can’t use regular phones, etc), you might consider purchasing a monitored system. However, if they are fairly active and communicating an address isn’t a problem, then the unmonitored NextAlert medical alert system is a fine choice.

Both medical alert systems are water resistant which means they work in the shower, while gardening, working around water, etc. This is great because a lot of slips and falls happen in and around places with water. Also, the battery life on the NextAlert is very long, lasting up to 2 months, longer than any other device we have seen. This is a great feature because you or your loved one doesn’t have to worry about charging the medical alert system. Some devices have as frequent as daily and/or weekly charging. This becomes cumbersome and discourages actually wearing the device.

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Prime Medical Alert

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