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Senior Care in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Finding Senior Care in smaller communities like Sierra Vista or others in Southeastern Arizona can be challenging. There are less options to choose from, and some of the best providers and communities will often have waiting lists for care. It’s important to know what your options are and it’s also advisable to find a few good options for yourself in case you can’t arrange exactly what you want.

There are a number of different care options to choose from, including in-home care, residential care homes, and assisted living. You can either pay privately, or use the ALTCS program. ALTCS is the program from the State of Arizona that pays for long term care when the patient can no longer afford care, so it’s a good option for limited income seniors.

In-home care is a great option for seniors who wish to remain at home and don’t have the most acute care needs. If you or your loved one just needs help with something from time to time and needs some help with some of the more strenuous activities of daily living, in-home care could be a great option. 

For those who need daily or 24 hour care, in-home care is not a realistic option. For patients at this level of care, either an assisted living or residential care community is probably the best option. These terms are somewhat interchangeable, but for our purposes, assisted living is the large facilities that provide apartment style living, and residential care homes are small communities in renovated single family homes that house only five to ten residents at a time. Either of these choices can provide for those who need daily care.

For those who have acute care needs that require the care of a medical professional 24 hours a day, skilled nursing homes are the right choice. Skilled nursing provides for those seniors who need the highest level of care in Sierra Vista. While some are put off by the hospital-like setting at nursing homes, they really are the best option for certain patients on the basis of preserving and enhancing your health. Skilled nursing homes are also very costly, but insurance and/or Medicare will pay for this care when it is needed. 

If you have any questions about Senior Care in Sierra Vista, give Senior Planning a call today. Senior Planning is an Elder Care Advisory service working throughout the state of Arizona.

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