It’s unfortunate that even after searching for and finding senior care in Arizona, there can still be problems. There are a variety of problems that can come up from time to time in senior care communities. Dealing with these problems properly can prevent further issues.

Sometimes, a community and a resident are a bad match. At Senior Planning, we try to make sure that this doesn’t happen. No one is denying that senior care is a difficult job, but sometimes care homes and their staff lack the patience to deal with certain issues. Some residents can be a handful, and if caregivers seem frustrated with your loved one, it may be time to explore some different options. It is important to remember that care homes are as different as the people who run them. Caregivers can do a great job with one resident and have no patience for another. Language barriers can also be an issue since some caregivers speak very little English. Patients can have difficulty reporting their complaints to these caregivers, and will have a harder time getting the care that they need.

There can also be problems with in-home caregivers. The number one problem that arises for medical and non-medical caregivers in the home is reliability. Caregivers sometimes have a hard time showing up to work on time or at all. This is an unacceptable issue and you should immediately find another option. Caregivers also vary in quality in terms of the work that they do. Sometimes they will neglect some of their duties. You should always make sure a caregiver you have hired is accredited and if the caregiver works for an agency, you should speak with the manager at their office and if the problem continues, you may want to consider another agency. You should make careful note of what is happening on a day to day basis so that problems you are noticing cannot be dismissed as a “one time thing” or some other kind of extenuating circumstance.

If you have any questions or are currently having problems with senior care, please give Senior Planning a call. We will be happy to point you in the right direction of how to resolve your issue.

About the author: Jacob Edward

Jacob Edward is the founder of Senior Planning and an expert in eldercare.