Problems with Senior Care in Phoenix

Finding senior care can be a tough job. You may need help navigating the potential pitfalls. Finding senior care in Phoenix can be a difficult task. Listed below are some of the things to watch out for in the Phoenix area.

Listings –

Some of the sites that provide “listing” services for senior care communities don’t tell you the full story. Many of these sites list 1(800) numbers that appear to be for calling the senior care community that you are interested in. However, they really just call the office of the agency doing the listing, who uses this tactic to try and make a commission. Now, we don’t have a problem with elder care advisers, being that it is our profession also, but don’t be fooled by this dishonest tactic. If you don’t want to call an elder care adviser, no one should be tricking you into it.

Home Names –

Recently, we came across a home in Phoenix that seemed new. However, with a little checking, we found that the same owner had dissolved their old company, which was riddled with care violations, and created a new company for the same house to get away from their bad track record with state inspectors. It is absolutely critical that, if you are doing this on your own, you look into the state reports on homes. Providers of terrible care will try to trick you into moving in, so don’t be fooled.

Caregivers –

If you are hiring a caregiver, we recommend using an established agency. If you want to hire an independent caregiver, you will save a couple bucks, but you need to do your homework. Some people claim to be caregivers, but are not licensed by the state. Keep in mind that these people will be working with your loved ones in their home, so be sure to ask for professional references, and meet those references in person if possible.

Assisted Living Communities –

Some assisted living communities are better than others. While this may be a obvious statement, this can be another huge problem with senior care in the Phoenix area. Communities can have very different policies about residents and can have very different patient to caregiver ratios. You need to make sure that the care that they provide works for you or your loved one. Again, it’s important to do your homework.

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