Eldercare Options in Arizona

Are you looking for eldercare options in Arizona? Whether you are looking in Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City, or any other area in the state of Arizona, we are here to help. There are a lot of eldercare options in Arizona, and depending upon what you specifically need (which one of our agents can assess), there might be government aid that covers most, if not all of the expenses associated with the care. 

There are many eldercare options in Arizona. The most notable program available for elderly Arizonans is ALTCS, or Arizona Long Term Care System. When working with ALTCS, you have to realize there are approval periods that can be anywhere from 45-90 days after the initial application. Although in most circumstances the approval period hovers near 60 days, it is still a good idea to plan ahead and if possible, save a little money before submitting the application just in case care becomes immediately necessary. All too often we see families with limited social security income and no savings. We can still find options, but these options are limited depending on availability. 

When looking into eldercare options in Arizona, many people turn immediately to an eldercare lawyer. While we sometimes recommend an elder law attorney, depending on the situation, they are not always necessary and can be a very big cost with little reward. If you give us a call and explain your situation (especially if you are proactive and call us before any care is needed), we can evaluate what you need and see if an elder law attorney is a good option.

Lastly, we need to talk about in home care. Many people are under the impression that ALTCS provides 24 hour in home care. This is not the case. Often after being approved for ALTCS, patients are given 15-20 hours a week of care. 15-20 hours is just not enough unless a patient’s family pitches in for the rest of the care, but it is not always practical.

The highest care facilities at the least cost are called residential care homes. Residential care homes provide 24 hour care in the comfort of a residential setting. This means the client gets room and board included with the price per month. Once approved for ALTCS, the state covers the entire cost of the program. This is great for family members that can’t provide 24/7 assistance, and also keeps the patients active and involved in their new communities. It is in the residential care home owner’s best interest that the client improves rather than declines. All of the care givers in the residential care home setting are licensed (we do background checks on all of our recommendations) through the state, similar to if they were in a larger assisted living facility. 

There are a lot of eldercare options in Arizona and we would be more than happy to discuss what’s available and find the optimal solution for you or a loved one.

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