Senior Services for Arizonans 65+

Regardless of health level, there are many senior services available for Arizonans 65+. Services vary by state, but below are the more popular senior services accessible in Arizona.

In-Home Care – For seniors that wish to remain where they are currently living, but need some extra help, in-home care is a good option. In-Home care is the best senior service option for those who wish to remain at home, provided that the in-home care prices are affordable to you. In-home care can be the most expensive of the light care options, but if your loved one will not accept anything else, we can help you set it up in an affordable manner.

Assisted Living – Assisted living is a broad term that describes a number of residential care facilities for seniors. Some assisted living communities are large facilities that have hundreds of residents, while others have as few as five to ten. Senior Planning agents typically refer to these smaller communities as residential care homes, but please be aware that many people use the terms interchangeably.

Assisted Living homes provide meals, cleaning, medication management, and other medical care to their residents. Assisted living communities’ rates vary a great deal, from between $2000-$6000 per month. Depending upon your financial situation, you may qualify for ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System), which can completely pay for assisted living. Those who are qualified for ALTCS must find housing at assisted living homes that accept the program.

Skilled Nursing – Skilled nursing homes are sometimes talked about as either rehab or hospice, but they are all largely the same. Skilled nursing facilities are for those patients whose health problems are so severe that they require the twenty-four hour care of a licensed medical professional.

Skilled nursing can be temporary for those who have recently suffered a trauma to their health, who may reside there only for a short rehabilitation or respite stay. This senior service is usually only open to those who really need it. It is extremely expensive when the stay is not covered by Medicare or insurance.

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