Assisted Living in the Phoenix Area

Many seniors are interested in senior living as well as assisted living around the Phoenix metropolitan areas. When beginning your search there are many things to consider. Being able to accommodate the level of care is very important. If your loved one that you are looking for assisted living in phoenix has dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s a good idea to pick a community that has a Phoenix memory care level. It’s also not a bad idea to find a community that has skilled nursing on sight. Accidents happen and when they do, many seniors wind up going to skilled nursing after hospital treatment. It makes everything a lot more convenient and they get to stay in a familiar place, further reducing stress.

The next major factor when choosing a Phoenix assisted living community is budget. Many seniors don’t realize how important it actually is and how long they are going to live. Often families are forced to make a quick, last minute decision. Even though it may not sound like a lot, 2500 vs. 3500 makes quite a difference, especially with fixed income and other benefits contributing. A person that has $20,000.00 saved that only makes $1500.00/month will be able to stay at the community that costs $2500.00 for approximately 20 months with no additional financing whereas the senior that chooses the $3500.00 will be cut down to a mere 10 months.

At the end of the 10 months you have to make sure that the resident who is running out of money will first qualify for the state or veterans programs to help supplement their income from a health standpoint for Phoenix assisted living. The next part is the community has to be contracted with Phoenix assisted living state providers in order for the resident to stay. Many communities have a minimum private stay before ALTCS in Phoenix (Arizona Long Term Care) comes into effect. This can range from 1 year all the way to 2.5 years depending on the Phoenix assisted living community. If the minimum is a year, and in most cases it is, you can see how important the $1000.00/month difference. Now imagine that the level of care causes the costs to increase. If you didn’t factor in the Phoenix assisted living facility cost increases, or pick a community with a fixed cost of care, you might be at $4500-$5500, which in this case would drain the funds within less than half of the less of the two time frames.

This is where we come into play. Senior Planning and all of its advisors are experienced in the Phoenix assisted living community field. We can help you navigate and ensure that your funds last until ALTCS application is completed and ALTCS qualifications comes into effect. Additionally we help with Veteran’s Aid and Attendance. We never charge our client’s a dime for the service. Whatever your question may be feel free to give us a call any time.

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