Senior Care In Avondale, AZ

Avondale, Arizona has a lot of senior care options directly in Avondale and the surrounding cities. Finding them is easier than differentiating between their qualities but both can prove to be a difficult task depending on the city and state. When it comes to senior care in Avondale, Arizona, there are several things we have to look at. First of all are there violations from the state. If there are major violations, it might be a good idea to skip over this facility.

ALTCS in Gilbert, Arizona

If you are looking for senior care in Gilbert, AZ the ALTCS program may be able to help you if you do not have the financial resources to pay for it. ALTCS is the long term care component of Medicaid in Arizona. It is designed to provide care for needy seniors and others who have disabilities that require 24 hour care services. There are two components that are considered in the ALTCS application, a financial means test and a functional test that documents health conditions that you or your loved one might have.

Traumatic Brain Injury Group Homes In Phoenix

Finding the right traumatic brain injury group homes in phoenix can be a difficult task. Since there aren’t too many, a lot of homes have lower standards of quality. There are however many gems out there that not only have clean state records, but provide great care and have been working with our clients for years. In order to find these homes, we first go through the entire list of Phoenix group homes and separate out the traumatic brain injury group homes in Phoenix. With this smaller list, we then perform background checks and try to find out how long they have been providing TBI care to patients and if they have any violations.

How to Start Looking For Senior Housing in Arizona

A lot of times it can be hard when you are trying to find out how to start looking for senior housing in Arizona. There are a lot of options out there, and discerning the options and quality of the options is the first goal. I am sure you have heard the old adage that just because you pay more for something doesn’t mean its going to be higher quality. The same goes for senior housing in Arizona. Just because it costs more and looks nicer on the service doesn’t mean it is necessarily better. We do background checks on the facilities and the caregivers and sometimes these aren’t even enough. It takes experience and knowing what to look for. That is why we send out representatives to spot check our facilities and make sure that there are no lapses in quality between the last time we have checked them and the last time the state has checked them.

Medicaid and ALTCS Applications in Arizona

If you are looking to apply for Medicaid in Arizona, also known as an ALTCS application, there are some materials you should first get together and a few things you should be aware of. In this post we are going to discuss some of the basics of Medicaid in Arizona. First of all, before you start the application, make you have a birth certificate in your possession. Once you have your birth certificate ready, you are going to need bank records from up to the past 5 years and a list of assets. ALTCS, or Medicaid in Arizona, can look back in your records for 5 years if they suspect there was an unjustified spend down or if you sold an asset that brought you income within that time. Just because you sold a house or have a house doesn’t mean you won’t qualify.

Senior Care in Kingman, Arizona

For those looking for senior care in Kingman, Arizona, there are many options that you might want to consider. The first that that you need to decide is whether or not you would like to try in home care, or if it is time to move to an elder care community in Kingman. If you think that it might be time to consider an assisted living community, Senior Planing can help you begin the process. For now, here are a few things to consider.

Speeding up the AHCCCS Long Term Care Application

Are you interested in speeding up the AHCCCS Arizona Long Term Care application? Senior Planning has experts that can help you not only help with speeding up the AHCCCS long term care application but can guide you along the way. All of our services are provided at no cost to you. Before you get started, it is important to have the necessary information and documents ready. This can include but is not limited to a birth certificate, a social security card, a form of identification, bank statements and medical health records. Once you have these ready, we can begin the process. If you are unsure or have any initial questions, feel free to give us a call 24/7 at 800-531-5118.

How to Qualify for ALTCS

If you are wondering how to qualify for ALTCS, you have come to the right place. Signing up and qualifying for ALTCS can seem like an extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision for the state to offer benefits. It is in their best interest to not qualify you. Both health and finances affect whether or not you qualify. The health scale is based on a 60-point scale in which we are extremely familiar with. With financial, you have to be under a certain income with lower than the cutoff of assets.

Paying for Assisted Living in Arizona

Assisted living in Arizona isn’t cheap, but when it comes time and us or our loved ones need extra care, assisted living is one the less expensive options. There are different types of assisted living including residential care homes (also known as group homes), supervisory care, and skilled nursing. In a supervisory care center, the least amount of care is needed. Often only medication monitoring and meals are necessary. Light housekeeping is also sometime included. Another name for this would be senior independent living. Residential care homes (also known as group homes), provide 24 hour a day assistance.